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Classical Needlepoint Canvases Hand Painted Needlepoint Canvases

Classical Needlepoint

Classical Pop-Art Needlepoint

Classic Pop-Art Needlepoint Canvases
Design Size - 12 x 16 inches - ( 30 x 40 cm.)
12 or 18 holes to the inch.
Zweigart mono deluxe or interlock canvases

Price: $ 190

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Classical Canvases

Classical Needlepoint Canvases

This classical design is a carefully hand painted painted canvas - so that - when turned around 180 degrees - the two needlepoint canvases - will fit together perfectly - to make into a wall hanging - firescreens - small rug - or a throw.

The stitched canvas alone will finish well as a cushion insert or pillow - ask for extra canvas for a chair seat or back - fantastic for a game room !!

The Designs

Classical Needlepoint Designs

A classic design - fun and extremely fashionable at this time - will fit in any room.

We suggest the 18 mesh for you artists who like details - their are plenty of spaces to interpret mixing stitches and fibers.

The colors in this painting - are the same as the inspiration for this classic design.

The colors - may be toned down - or completely changed to fit your decoration ideas.

What is in the Canvases

Needlepoint Canvases

The gift packaged needlepoint canvases contain only the finest quality materials - including:

  • Zweigart Canvas with Design Painted in Full Color with a Numbered Color Code
  • A foam board dividing the canvas on one side and a Full Sized Photograph of the Finished Needlepoint Design on the other. Wrapped in a resealable plastic folder with holes to breath
  • A list of recommended wool colors and quantity requirements in DMC - Anchor - Appleton and Paternayan Wools.