Needlepoint Kits

Historical European Needlepoint Kits TOP

European Classics - Napoleon Empire Style to Quimper Designs from Talavera.

Museum Needlepoint Kits TOP

Nine choices - three sizes of the MEMLING COLLECTION - Designs for the Thyssen-Bornemiza Museum and The Frick Collection NY.

Historical Needlepoint Kits TOP

Small Kits for a quick stitch fix - these historical animal designs make into cell phone cases ...

Needlepoint Sampler Kits TOP

Four color combinations - a relaxing design to stitch - great for beginners to very advanced.

Needlepoint Initials Kits TOP

Kits with all the letters of the English alphabet - a classic initial nested in a wreath - four sizes.

Victorian Needlepoint Kits TOP

Victorian Dressed young ladies - three large designs - four small coming soon.


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