• Handpainted Needlepoint Canvases

    The Art of Painting with Small Dots of Colored Fibers

    Zweigart Needlepoint Canvases

    -- Zweigart Canvas with Design Painted in Full Color
    -- a Numbered Color Code
    -- Full Sized Photograph of the Finished Needlepoint Design

    Jan Voich has been producing hand-painted needlepoint canvases - for over 20 years - under the trademark Samantha Taylor.

    The designs are adapted from Museum Paintings - and other historical European art sources - as well as modern paintings.

    Samantha Taylor Needlepoint has a range of needlepoint canvases including needlepoint rugs - tapestry wall hangings - fire screens - needlework miniatures as well as cushions - pillows - bellpulls - chairseats and bench covers.

    The small canvases are ideal finished into cell phone cases or external hard drive covers.

    All 176 different canvas designs - above - are handpainted and in stock - prepared for immediate shipping.

    Each canvas is packaged inside a resealable plastic bag ( with two holes to breath ) - containing the painted canvas with a two inch margin for blocking and finishing your needlework.

    A foam board - with a full sized photograph of the design on one side - is included in the plastic bag - with the 20 inch unfolded canvases on the other side. The canvases are not folded except for - the largest designs which are folded around the design only.

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