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Coasters Kits

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Needlepoint Coasters Kits

Needlepoint Coasters
Design Size - 5.4 x 4.8 inches - ( 13.7 cm x 12 cm )
12 holes to the inch.

Price: $ 65

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Finishing Coasters Kits

Needlepoint Coasters

The finished needlepoint coasters are backed with cork - by gluing the needlepoint - and then sprayed with a liquid repellent to water-proof them.

You can use an old CD as a coaster - a practical solution - but one - which will never compare with the luxury of a hand-stitched needlepoint coaster.

A 4000 year-old historical design within a needlepoint detail reminds us of where we come from - - and where we are going. Not a bad conversation with your night cap !!

Needlepoint Beginners Kits - Coasters

Beginners Kits - Coasters Beginners Kits - Coasters Beginners Kits - Coasters Beginners Kits - Coasters

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Memling Needlepoint Motif should make that Cognac Night Cap a tad more enjoyable.

The colors blend well - and an evening of fine dining flows - with an intriguing conversation while not ignoring the Memling Motif Coasters - as one warms their glass and contents to body temperature.

We chose - to photograph the coaster - resting under a signed Baccarat Glass filled to that tipped edge - with a reserve of an outstanding non-certified single vintage 1er Cru Grande Champagne - dating to 1906

This sublime cognac has a deep bronze color - perfect clarity and a fantastic - intensely concentrated aroma - which lingers for hours. Together with a Memling Motif Needlepoint Coaster - we have the perfect setting to complete a fine moment.

Small Needlepoint Projects

Small Needlepoint Kits

Memling Motif - may be finished into cushion inserts - coasters - framed - a pincushion - purse or cell phone - external hard drive covers.

This small design is available in the three color combinations - Green - Blue and these Original Colors from the actual painting by Hans Memling. Select - Memling - to view the entire collection.


Small Needlepoint Designs

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Shown above is the front of the packaged kit - small needlepoint kits are a perfect travel companion - easy to work en route to any destination. This makes commuting a very enjoyable time ( but not if you are driving !! ). Great projects to carry in a pocket and stitch while waiting for whatever you are destined to wait for.

Creating a set of four to eight needlepoint coasters should not be boring. The portability of these small needlepoint kits is one of its greatest charms. Slip one into a side pocket and - any wait - - becomes an opportunity to stitch the Memling Needlepoint Coaster Kits.

About the Design

Vase of Flowers by Hans Memling c. 1485

Vase of Flowers by Hans Memling c. 1485

Select the image above to view a reproduction of the Original painting by Hans Memling.

We took the Original Tapestry - out of this Hans Memling Painting c. 1485 and carefully prepared it for needlepoint.

This was a very long and often frustrating process - yet after five years - the Complete Collection has proven to be very well accepted by all.

Needlepoint Cushion Inserts

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The Needlepoint pillows and cushion inserts are a lovely addition to any decoration and fun to combine - in different backing colors. A white raw silk back ground would be a striking solution framing the Needlepoint Designs.

What is in the Kits

Needlepoint Coaster Kits

The gift packaged needlepoint kits and canvases contain only the finest quality materials. The kits include:

  • Zweigart Canvas with the Design Painted in Full Color with a Numbered Color Code
  • Full Sized Photograph of the Finished Needlepoint Design
  • Samantha Taylor Tapestry Wool - (Kits only)
  • Instructions with Diagrams (Kits only)
  • One Tapestry Needle (Kits only)
  • Each Kit is Numbered and Registered to Control the Dye Lots Should We Need to Send Additional Wool (Kits only)

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Needlepoint Coaster Kits