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26 DIFFERENT INITIALS NEEDLEPOINT Select photograph to view more detail


Initials Kits
12" x 12".
30 cm x 30 cm.
10 holes to the inch.
Price: $ 85
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Initials Canvases
12" x 12".
30 cm x 30 cm.
10 holes to the inch.
Price: $ 60

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Needlepoint Initials Baby Letters Alphabets Needlepoint Initials Alphabets Letters



The Initials - Copyright 1997 Jan Voich

Samantha Taylor Needlepoint - Alphabets Needlepoint for a Baby*s Room

Ideal for Baby Room the Initials are compliments for any decoration. A classical and elegant design - The Initials are easy to work in a three color combination and suitable for beginners or experts alike.

We chose a very royal color combination for the Initial Needlepoint Collection - however the colors may be changed to taste by acquiring the canvas alone.

A wonderful gift for a newborn - this needlepoint letter will stay with the child his whole lifetime - what better way for the family to remember you and your gift.

Also a very personal wedding or Anniversary gift - a Samantha Taylor Needlepoint Pillow worked or - to be stitched - is an appropriate gift for any occasion.

The Initials are Script and Cursive styles - originally designed to approximate hand calligraphy. The appearance - however - is lighter and more delicate. The terms are often used interchangeably but technically the difference is that in script the letter strokes appear joined to resemble handwriting and in cursive the letters remain visibly separated. Early American Needlepoint Samplers often included script alphabets - usually in upper case letters.

Today script is used mainly for wedding invitations - stationery and greeting cards. Like Black Letter - it is difficult to read in large doses or in all capital letters. Capital letters in this type group - as in Black Letter - are highly ornamented - all capital letters in this letter type resemble a monogrammed bathrobe.


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Visit this very informative Needlepoint Site - a highly educational resource.

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