Art Deco Needlepoint


Choose 12 or 18 holes to the inch (hpi) - Zweigart mono deluxe or interlock canvases.

We recommend a black two inch mat around. Simply Sensational !!

Available in other sizes - just phone - or email us your preferences at: - info@jvoichdesigns.com.

A full sized color reproduction of the painted design glued to a foam board - is on one side - with the painted needlepoint canvas on the other - all wrapped in a resealable plastic folder with holes to breath.

These continuous line painted canvases do not include fibers. Select *OPEN / CLOSE - LARGE IMAGES* to view enlarged photographs.

We recommend a black two inch mat around. Simply Sensational !!

Faithful to the Art Deco style - Deco Dance - presents an extraordinary composition of flow and movement - a very exciting addition to our - Fine Line Needlepoint. Adding texture to the flat areas is an option we include - however they will also work well completely flat. Finishing this needlework tapestry into a pillow - - or within - a shadow box frame - is a plus - thus - - protecting your needlework tapestries for centuries. PLEASE NOTE: The image is shown with a black frame. The actual product does not include this two inch black border.

We recommend a black two inch mat around. Simply Sensational !!

A tangerine color is suitable for the surrounding area - yet black - or actually any color will be highly successful.

During the period between the two World Wars - an eclectic design style developed that later became known as Art Deco. The name was derived from the 1925 Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes - held in Paris - which celebrated living in the modern world. Today - *Art Deco* is used to refer to a mix of styles from the 1920s and 1930s.

The Art Deco era was one of contradictions. Through the Roaring Twenties and the Great Depression of the 1930s - the Art Deco style infused the everyday world with an elegant style of cool sophistication. Singers and songwriters entertained audiences through the new medium of radio - and Hollywood musicals offered the hope of better times and a temporary escape from daily troubles. Travel was in the news with ocean liners racing the Atlantic and trains crossing continents - as speed became a metaphor for modern times.

What characterizes Art Deco design? The architecture and applied arts of the period reveal a varied mix. However - most share the hallmarks of geometry and simplicity - often combined with vibrant colors and simple shapes that celebrate the rise of commerce and technology. From luxurious objects made from exotic materials to mass produced - streamlined items available to a growing middle class - the world of Art Deco represents a *graciousness of form* - from a simpler time

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